lavendarIt’s all about the connection; the therapeutic relationship between the patient and the clinician that is of utmost importance when selecting a practitioner. In fact, research has shown us time and time again that it’s not so much about what the clinician knows or how they deliver their proven intervention; it’s simply about the comfort; the trust and the rapport between a patient and their care provider that is the greatest predictor of success.

Although I could ramble on and on about my most trusted theoretical orientations, or share with you the newest evidence based treatment for social anxiety disorder, but instead I encourage and welcome you to drop by or call for a no-cost, n0-obligation fifteen minute meet n’ greet (over tea or coffee, if you wish) and get a sense of if our connection is the one that will get you where you want to go.

Whether it be individual therapy to help you through a major life transition, couples counselling to assist you and your spouse work through an extramarital affair, family therapy to strengthen cohesiveness, or consultation about your anxious toddler, depressed adolescent or teenager’s self-harming behaviour, Summit Psychology Inc. is your preferred rural psychology clinic.

In-office, in-home, telephone, video or email consultations are available.  Carla is also pleased to offer her first-time patients and their families a twenty-four-hour appointment guarantee.