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Nature Therapy


If you’re a nature lover, let’s chat about ways that we can integrate your session(s) with Carla outdoors.  Perhaps its the fishing dock in your back pasture that is your go-to place when you need some time to yourself.  It might be under a special tree or forested area that every time you visit, you walk away feeling clearer, completely vibrant and re-charged in a way that only the earth can do for you.  Sometimes it’s just a drive on the country roads or through the winding mountains with a listening partner that does it.

Whatever it might be, or wherever it might take you, be sure to talk to Carla if you’d like to explore this unique modality of therapy.  Or, if you haven’t yet discovered that magical place of rejuvenation and letting go, but are open to seeing what a combination of Mother Earth and psychotherapy can do for you, let Carla be your guide.  She won’t disappoint.

In Carla’s twenty years of counselling, some of the most profound, life-changing and solidifying interventions for her patients were not done in an office.  They were next to an overgrown riverbed, on the side of a rocky mountain, beneath the heaviest of falling rain, or simply just stretched out on the grass at the park down the street.